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on Воскресенье, 23 Июнь 2013
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come aumentare massa muscolare AIDS can be a disease with the human body's defense mechanisms due to the human being (HIV). This condition progressively cuts down on effectiveness from the defense mechanisms leaving individuals vulnerable to opportunistic infections and tumors. AIDS is pandemic, since 2009 33.3 million people on the planet live by it, 2.7 million new infections every year, along with 1.8 million deaths each year. 76% with the deaths were in sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS comes from the evolved virus SIV, which mutated through the ape virus. The main cause of HIV/AIDS infection is by sexual transmission, other people are: sharing common needles, being born from an infected mother. AIDS could be prevented through abstinence, limiting the volume of sex partners, using condoms, not sharing needles. If the volunteer chooses to help you address this cause, they'll be involved with guiding and counseling of HIV/AIDS victims, encourage awareness trying to help the lives on the infected.

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